Friday, August 12, 2016

Pastries Replace Pastor

Here at the Pennsporter, we make no bones about our love of good mexican food.  So it was a bit of a disappointment earlier this year when we noticed that Pancho Villa, which is on the border of Pennsport & Dickinson Square West at 4th & Moore, seemed to be closed.  Luckily we have no shortage of options here in south philly, but we wondered what would come of the space.

That question was answered as we scrolled through the feed on the Nextdoor app.  For those of you who do not know what that app is, Nextdoor is a social networking app for locals in any area for classified, recommendations, events, etc.  You are able to set up your feed to be as restricted as just Pennsport or can include as many surrounding neighborhoods as you want.  It can be a useful tool for neighbors.

But we digress, thanks to a tipster (Francisco Stoll) over on the Nextdoor app, he noted and uploaded pictures of a french pastry shop opening up in the Pancho Villa spot!  It is called Creme Brulee Patisserie and looks as though they'll be serving up pastries, sandwiches, coffee, juice, etc.

From what we've gathered from the original post and the comments, they are in the process of getting outdoor seating and removing the old Pancho Villa sign.  One commenter even compared it to Artisan Boulanger Patissier, which is bold and since that commenter more then likely isn't Craig Laban we will leave it up to you to pass judgement.

from Francisco S on Nextdoor

Either way, these pictures look fantastic and this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  Stop by and say hi!